About Us

KudosBaby.com is dedicated to our lovely children, Zaki and Kadin.  Thank you for coming into our lives and giving us all the joy we never thought was possible.

Once upon a time we were just two ordinary people, and then we must have done something so right to be given the privilege of raising two precious souls. Our lives will never be the same again, we now live for our children and won’t want it any other way.

Although we are at the frontline of making KudosBaby.com possible, its content is a collaboration of all the other parents who have shared their expertise with us, the knowledgeable professionals who provided us with a wealth of information, and our wonderful families who have helped us so many times and continue to do so.

Becoming parents is the most rewarding experience there is and also the hardest. We would like to share our parenting journey to the new parents out there and hope that you will find the information valuable.

Enjoy Parenthood!