Baby’s First Clothes: Comfortable Wear for Baby

Baby shops are a danger zone for new parents or would-be parents who dare enter without knowing what to get.  They are filled with the cutest items in the world and all you can imagine would be your baby looking so lovely in all those clothes, blankets, shoes, hats, mittens, etc.  It’s so much of a fantasy land that it’s easy to splurge on baby items you may not end up using.  If you want to be practical, the things you should really ONLY buy for your little bundle of joy’s first few months are the following:

Soft Hats

Soft hats – Your baby will need to wear a hat to protect its head from cold air or the wind. The baby will be moving her head a lot so the hat needs to fit well. The hat should be be snug but not too tight, or else it will end up covering the baby’s face.

Knitted newborn hat
Soft Knitted newborn hat


The baby will have long nails when she comes out and it will be scary to cut them. Mittens will be useful for baby to avoid scratching her face until mommy or daddy gets the courage to trim the fingernails of baby’s delicate hands. Find the right kind of mittens, they are the ones with stretchable openings as you do not want to squeeze baby’s hand as you try to put it on.These are all you would need for the first three to four months in terms of clothing.  Those adorable shirts, pants, jumpers, are a bit hard to put on and take out without maneuvering the baby too much.

Newborn mittens
Newborn mittens

Cottons Socks

Cotton socks – Watch out for the opening of the socks because they can be quite tight. The socks will keep the baby’s feet warm and it is preferable to get the bigger size which the baby can use longer.

Cotton Socks for Babies


There are sleeveless, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved onesies. If you have a summer baby then stock up on the short-sleeved onesies.  There are so many designs out there and all are extremely cute BUT choose the one which are easy to open and close at the bottom because keep in mind that you will change the baby’s diaper at least ten times in the first few weeks and you need good access.  Another important design to look for is the expandable shoulders (as seen in the photo) so it is easy to put on and take off. I would avoid onesies with buttons located on the back.