Breastfeeding Frequently Asked Questions

mother breastfeeding
Nursing pads
Nursing Pads
  1. What are the things I need to breastfeed?

Answer: You will need breast pads/ nursing pads (for milk not to leak through your shirt), a comfortable nursing bra (this really helps), nipple cream (highly recommended)

  1. Do I need to wash my nipple before and after feeding?

Answer: There is no need to clean the nipples on top of the mother having a daily shower.  The nipple cream is safe for baby and it will say so in the package

  1. How often do I put nipple cream on my nipple?

Answer: A tiny amount of nipple cream after breastfeeding will help ease nipple tenderness.  You may put on some before breastfeeding if you feel that this helps as well, though your baby may find some difficulty trying to latch

  1. When do I breastfeed my newborn after birth?

Answer: Feed your newborn within the first hour after you have given birth as she is active during this time (good for latching).  The baby will want to fall asleep after two to three hours from birth so it may be hard to make the baby feed by then

  1. How often should I breastfeed my baby?

Answer:  The answer is not the same for all babies as each baby can have different appetites and sleeping habits.  Breastfeed when the newborn shows early hunger cues, this could be as often as every hour.  Feeding frequently helps to quickly establish milk supply and this makes sure that your newborn is getting enough nourishment.  Do not let a newborn sleep for over two to three hours without breastfeeding to avoid dehydration.  A newborn who is feed frequently usually thrives better

  1. My nipples are hurting too much, what do I do?

Answer: Apply nipple cream before and after breastfeeding.  Make sure your newborn is latching properly.  To achieve this, your baby’s tummy should be facing your tummy (tummy to tummy), nipple should be facing towards the center upper palate of baby with the head tilted slightly backwards, and have the baby suck in as much of the areola as possible (this also helps the baby get more milk).  You can also ask for the Jack Newman cream from your doctor (prescription only as it contains steroids), it works like magic but not to be used longer than two weeks at a time

  1. What are the signs I am breastfeeding the wrong way?

Answer: When your nipple comes out stretched and warped, and whitish after breastfeeding then you need to re-evaluate your latching techniques.  The nipple should appear pinkish and rounded after breastfeeding.

  1. How do I know my baby is getting enough breastmilk?

Answer: Your baby will look satisfied and will unlatch.