Good things to have for baby

Baby Room

Apart from the essential items you need to get for your little one, there are more baby stuff out there which are designed to make new parents’ lives easier. We ourselves have purchased a playard, an activity jumper, a travel system, a glider with ottoman, and a video baby monitor. These items, although can be quite pricey, have made our lives as new parents way more enjoyable. They also typically last forever so you can still use it for your next child/children (if you are having more than one).


Playards mainly come in two sizes – the small ones and the standard size. We were happy we purchased the standard size because the small one would have been outgrown by our baby in no time. A playard is like a portable crib you can take anywhere in the house, at the park (careful with insects or getting the crib dirty), or when you are staying overnight in somebody else’s home. In our experience, we appreciated that our playard had two height settings/stages.

It is important to note that all playards have thin mattresses (too firm for the baby if you ask me), this is to comply with government safety standards. I was dismayed at first when I realized how hard and thin the mattress was but when I purchased the waterproof 3-inch firm mattress to put on top of the original playard mattress, my playard was perfect! There was no issue with safety at all.


Your rocker doesn’t need to come with all the bells and whistles. But it has to be light so you can transfer it to any room in the house easily while holding the baby. The inclined position and the rocking will help the baby fall asleep and go back to sleep. Make sure the straps are always on while the baby is in the rocker.

Activity jumper

This will help baby exercise the leg muscles while being stimulated by all the toys that comes with a jumper. While the baby is busy being entertained, perhaps mommy can use this time to do a quick chore around the house or do a bathroom break.

Travel System

This is a car seat with a matching stroller. Newborns like to sleep in moving cars, if you have this item you won’t need to take the baby out of the car seat every time you get out of the car. Simply take the car seat with the baby still sleeping in it and mount the car seat onto the matching stroller and off you go. This is also great for walks and jogs. Personally, I prefer the ones with larger wheels as it has better suspension on uneven roads (smoother ride for baby).

Video Baby Monitor

This can be expensive but is really useful and gives you a little bit more freedom. This consists of a webcam which you will leave in the baby’s room and the tiny monitor which you can carry around with you. We purchased the Lorex brand and it was excellent, unfortunately they have discontinued it. The Lorex Sweet Peep Baby is their new model. When choosing a baby video monitor, opt for the ones with clear night vision, high wireless range so the monitor doesn’t go out range if you have a large house, high battery life for the monitor, ability to remotely move the camera (to change view/focus without having to go in the baby’s room), and option to add in more cameras without having to purchase a new monitor. The temperature alert is actually useless as it is attached to the webcam and when the device gets hot it gives a false temperature read. This new Lorex model has all the qualities mentioned above and much more.

Glider with Ottoman

This can be a life saver for your back. You can easily rock your baby to sleep while sitting down in the glider, and with the Ottoman you can put your tired feet up as well. We have the Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set, this was easy to assemble and works like it should. Just a note that it is unsafe for mom or dad to fall asleep while rocking the baby.

All of these items are really great to have although they could also break your wallet. 🙁