Taking care of baby’s delicate skin

Newborn baby in hospital on bed

A baby’s skin is very delicate. New parents may feel that they have to be constantly on top of the game when it comes to taking care of their newborn’s gentle skin. And rightfully so, because the moment you slack and say to yourself “that should be good enough”, in the next few days you will be discovering some nasty skin irritation. As well, in the winter when the air is dry and cold, more baby skin issues can come up.

Here are some tips to help take care of baby’s skin.

Always pay attention to the skin folds

When drying the baby after bath or a diaper change, make sure there is no moisture left on the skin folds. Apart from the towel, you may need to use a more absorbent material (such as a receiving blanket) to dry the inside of the skin folds.

If you notice the skin folds looking somewhat pinkish, this is usually a sign that moisture has been trapped in there. The areas where you  find skin folds are the thighs, groin, armpit, the back, the front of the neck, the outer ear and the back of the ear,  the scrotum and underneath the base of the baby’s penis, and the bum area.

Treating an irritated skin fold

Penaten Baby Cream is very effective in treating skin fold rash. All you have to do is apply it onto the rash inside the skin folds; you should start to see the skin getting better already the next day.

Dry baby lips

Make sure that the baby is getting enough fluids, and protect the baby’s face from the breeze when outside of the home. It will also immensely help if you rub a tiny amount of Medela Tender Care Lanolin on baby’s lips before going out.

Rash on cheeks from runny nose

Older babies like to swipe their arms over their noses when they have a runny nose – this can sometimes cause irritation on the cheeks. The image of a baby having bright red cheeks and runny nose can be very worrying, but all you have to do is gently rub a tiny amount of Aquaphor onto the baby’s irritated cheek and this should clear it up in a few hours. Re-apply as needed.