What my one year old likes to eat for breakfast

two boxes of quaker instant oatmeal
Quaker Instant Oatmeal

My son started on baby cereal for breakfast when he was six months old. We gave him the Gerbers brand; they came in several flavors, and he just loved them.

However, once he reached the giddy age of one year, baby cereal wasn’t enough for him. He was hungry within an hour of his bowl of cereal – he needed something with a little more bite and heft.

These are a few of his favorites:

  • Scrambled eggs and brown rice was a hit with my son – I make the rice the night before
  • Bits of bread dipped in milk are great finger food, it does create a lot of mess (both on the floor and on my son)
  • Cheesy mashed potatoes smelled great – I use the pressure cooker to boil the potatoes

However, I had problems when time was not on my side. I needed a quick go-to food with the right balance of convenience, taste and nutrition.

Soon thereafter, during our weekly grocery shopping, I wandered past the instant oats. I’d never eaten those myself, but the colorful Quakers box caught my eyes. I picked up the Regular flavor and looked the nutrition – not good, but not bad either. The quick and hassle-free preparation was perfect for my sleep-deprived mornings and when I was running late. It wasn’t marketed to toddlers, but to adults. But oats are oats, right? And these looked filling for a rapidly growing baby

Would my son like them? For a few dollars, I’d experiment.

The next morning, my son woke up at 6.30am like clockwork. I took him into the kitchen, strapped him into his high chair to make his instant oats with whole milk.

After cooking the oats were too hot to eat immediately. So I let the bowl cool for five minutes.

Once the oats were at the right temperature, I gingerly scooped up a spoonful and carefully placed it inside his mouth.

He looked quizzical – he wasn’t used to the texture. But he swallowed the oats and motioned for another spoonful. The next spoon he swished around his mouth and smiled. A drop of milk dripped out of his mouth, ran down his chin and fell onto his knee.

But he wanted another spoon. And another…and another. Until the whole bowl was gone in no time. He loved instant oats!

So when I am running late in the morning, but I still want to give my toddler a nutritious meal, it’s instant oats for breakfast!